13 December 2011

Calling on the Dharmapālas

According to lore, the dharmapālas are wrathful deities who protect and defend the Dharma.  They are bodhisattvas appearing as grotesqueries of one kind or another.  Their fearsomeness is, at times, exactly what is required for the sake of sentient beings.  Sometimes, more nice-nice and reservedness and self-effacing is the most unskillful thing one can do. 

I'm coming to appreciate their inclusion in the Buddhist world-view.  Let me amplify that some:  I'm coming to hope that they really do exist!
With folded hands I beseech all Dharma-defenders
To rouse their compassion and stand firm.
Emptiness manifest in fang and claw,
We shall repay your benevolence!

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