11 December 2011

New Blood

Today two more people signed on as members.  In the last year we've added some seven or eight people to the membership list.  That's a growth rate of well over 10%.  From what I understand about the current landscape, that's a quite impressive figure, seeing as how many churches and temples and the like are losing membership.  That said, I have been around long enough to know that there are many who sign on as members only to evaporate in a year or two or ten, so who knows what this means for the long haul.

I do know that it's exciting for me to be able to answer newbie questions, to help get them off and running with practice in a sangha, and to draw on their enthusiasm.  Most of all, though, I am reminded that when the new people show up, they'll be looking to see what the blue-robed ones are doing and taking their cue from them.  The newcomers will be setting their own bar, in part, with reference to how high I set mine.  Old hands are likely to be much more forgiving of my weaknesses and stupidities than the newcomers. 

At this rate, think of how much more my practice will improve if we get another eight new members in 2012! 

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