13 January 2012

For a New Sesshin Monitor, About to Begin

Tonight you'll take the monitor's seat for the first time in sesshin.  For the next few days, the kyosaku is yours to use, the announcements are yours to make, the encouragements and corrections are yours to offer.  It is now your job to make sure the lights are set, the place is kept in order, the folks are kept in line, and the newcomer in the crowd gets off on the best possible foot.

You will serve the teacher and the sangha, and, except to the extent to which "everything is practice," your personal practice will get attended to last.  You will see what needs to be done, and you will do it.  You will hear what is to be heard, and you will respond.

Take a good look at the multi-armed Kannon figure in the front room once in a while during sesshin and know deep in your heart, "So must I be."

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