03 January 2012

Presenting the Unpresentable

There are some things that cannot be described, pictured or storied; they can only be presented in live time in living flesh.

If the Dharma is to make its way in the world, I have to be the truth of dukkha, its cause, its end and the path to its end.  All should be able, seeing me, to understand that right thought puts an end to dukkha.  People should be able to see me and get that right speech puts an end to dukkha.  Anyone should be able to watch me in any context and see that right action puts an end to dukkha.  If anyone sees me and doesn't perceive the ending of dukkha in what I do, say and think, then I will have failed in more ways than I can count. 

I suppose if I were to make a New Year's resolution (there's still time for that, isn't there?) it would be to work like the dickens to bring my life more and more into conformity with the Dharma.  If I don't live it, what could anyone else begin to see in it? 

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