24 January 2012

S-H-O-D as in Dog-H-I-N

Yesterday I made a dental appointment for this coming Friday.  Knowing I would by then be on the other side of the name change court date (tomorrow!), I had the receptionist take down my name as "Shodhin."  I've found that the "d" gets lost on the phone (rhymes with "c," "e," "g," etc.), so I've gotten used to saying "d as in dog" when spelling it out.  That's fine.  I don't mind.

A few things have happened between filing the papers and now that make me confident this is a good thing for me to do, and the best one happened last night.  We had a couple of new visitors to the center, and as introductions were being made the teacher introduced himself to one of the guests.  "Is that your ordained name?" the guest asked.  "Yes, it's my ordained name," the teacher answered. 

It dawned on me then that I will have a different answer to that question now.  I'll be able to say, "It's just my name," and leave it at that.  And on some deep, unspeakable level, that just feels right as rain.

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