13 June 2012

A Decision in the Making

I had a very good conversation today with a sangha member who is both well-tempered and wise, who who has a great big heart, and who, I'm given to understand, knows something of the ways of the human spirit.

The topic was the structure of sangha leadership.

He said something that stopped me in my tracks.  He said, "It's a form of wrongdoing to be complicit in a lie," and he called on all players to man up and do what needs doing (they're all men, so no one is being sexist).

He's right.  It is wrong.

So I have a decision to make.  I need to decide whether and, if so, to what degree I'm going to continue to play along, or whether I'm going to absent myself from participating in it until the lie is corrected.  Sometimes a strong, principled stand is called for; sometimes, particularly for the sake of others, minimally cooperative accommodation is as far as the demands of upāya will allow.  

Ugh.  How to navigate this one...?

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