04 July 2013

Do Your Thing, Just Don't Make a Fuss About It

I think there's a common enough tendency to think that the world would be such a better place if everyone were more… like myself.  If only everyone voted… like me.  If only everyone practiced… like me.  If only everyone recycled, composted, bought organic, espoused the proper social policies, had the same artistic, architectural, culinary or design taste, cheered for the same sports teams, held views on life, child rearing, family relations and international trade… like me.

What is that, really?

The biggest argument we have why someone should to something is that we do it ourselves.  Funny thing is, I don't even know why I do what I do, truth be told.  I find I'm a person who likes this kind of music, that kind of food, this kind of vacation spot, this policy perspective or that dating partner.  I discover predilections in me, propensities to this activity or another, an attraction to personalities of this kind rather than that.  Concerning those things of which I seem to exercise some choice, I have to admit that the range of choices I'm at all willing or likely to entertain is itself not chosen my me; there are all kinds of things it will never occur to me to do.  In the end, I could make up some story about how all of what I do is the product of sane, reasonable consideration, all sides having been weighed, all alternatives explored, but deep down I know it's not true for me, and I'd bet my bottom dollar it's not true for you, either.


I'm finding it more and more congenial to not say much about what I do or why I think it's a good idea.  I find it frees me from the mental chatter that accompanies my actions.  I find myself less defensive, simply because I have no prepared defense at the ready.

I'm also finding myself tuning out ever more quickly others' talk about their actions and why they think they're such good ideas.  I find it frees me from biting the bait and getting hooked into their discourse.  I find myself on the offensive less, simply because I have nothing to gain by entering the fray.

Are these good things for me to think and do?  Beats me!

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