18 December 2012

Between Endings and Beginnings

I'm finding myself these days very much between things, not quite here or there, not finished with the past entirely even as a new future or two is breaking.  When I don't feel like I'm in a steady state of vertigo, I find I am in wonder and awe at how uncannily seamless it all is all the same. 

The vertigo comes when  I think either end of the "betweeness" is somehow solid and I (as an equally solid object) am suspended unsupported over a wide chasm of nothingness.  But when I release that hold on past and present, on here and there, on this and that, and on me, it all becomes quite clear that all this, myself included, is nothing but this flux, this movement, this ceaseless, burgeoning, fascinating, intriguing whatever-the-heck-it-is.  And how wonderful that is!

The pain of an ending and the stimulation of a beginning are not mutually exclusive.  The fruits of my previous relationships are unquestionably (and in one present case I would add thankfully and happily) setting the stage for the new relationships.  For that matter, even the vertigo and the wonder find their place in this whole mess.

Yes, this day, like every day, is a good day.

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