22 December 2012

A Yang Line is Added

In the classical Chinese representation of change that uses a series of full (yang) and broken (yin) lines, the winter solstice is pictured as six broken lines, the point of complete repose.  Today, a full line is added, as the sun begins its ascendency yet again.

I'm not one to get trippy with feng shui or mealy-minded with modern day renditions of ancient frames of reference.  I doubt I will ever consult a geomancer.  I do, though, understand the cycle of seasons, the hunkering-down of the wintertime and its movement toward the exuberance of summer.  I have watched my body-mind respond to the changes in light and temperature for enough years now to know that I, too, have my annual cycle of ebb and flow, of sloughing off and budding out.

Bring it on!  May I enter this new season wide open, unhindered, and non-reluctant.  And if there's flower and fruit, may I attend to that as well.  If there's but a flash and a fade, may I remember that all things are of limited lifespan, and it is not ours to set the length. 

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