26 November 2012

Old Home Week

Seems my life these days is becoming repopulated by people I knew some time ago.  Former students have sent emails or commented on here, and a former fellow grad student also sent an email.  Someone I dated for a little bit months ago called me up to go to a movie this past week, and even my sister (I don't communicate with her often at all) was extensively texting me on Thanksgiving.

It's funny, really, since I tend to be the kind of guy who, once he's done with something or a situation or a relationship or whatever, just leaves it definitively behind.  "We're done here" is probably the phrase that most pops into my head in such situations.

But maybe one of the truths of conditioned existence is that we're never just "done here."  Seeds planted may come to fruition in their own season, even though we had thought them long dead.  Connections that simply lapsed can suddenly find new life again, almost on their own, as it were.

In my more "I am a rock. I am an island" days, I might well have dodged such overtures, ignoring them in the hopes they would just go away.  Not this time around, though.  Now, I'm curious to explore just what the staying power here is.  Now, I want to find out how the twists and turns of our very complicated lives have again led us to this point.  Now, I'm ready to see in all of this the gentle unfolding of one incomprehensibly wondrous reality.

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