07 October 2012

Day is Done

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love this life.  I love this life.

Just this week I got to enjoy once more that wonderful scene of changed gold-to-purple ash leaves, brown-red spent soybean fields, deep purple asters blooming along the roadside, and the feel of a good crisp chill on a clear bright day. 

Just the other day I got to surprise someone with flowers.  Always nice to have someone to send flowers to. 

Just yesterday I was given the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and to practice what I preach.  For that, and for so many similar opportunities, I am most grateful.

And just now I can't imagine a time when I've felt more comfortable in my own skin, more at ease with the world, more open to whatever comes my way.  I have nothing to lose, and there is nothing I'm looking to gain.

The sun is setting, and the day is just about done.

May all be at ease.  May their demons depart, their ills abate, and their burden lighten.  May their fears be allayed, their aspirations fulfilled, and their hearts soften. 

And, as always, may all attain Buddhahood!

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