24 July 2012

From the Department of Non-Weights and Measures

Over the years I've come to be suspicious of things I happen to feel or think or seem to understand as a possible "result" of practice.  If nothing else, no matter what it happens to be, I know at least that it's not the essential, since – and I think this can only be right – attainment, nirvana, release or whatever you want to call it is never itself an effect produced by a cause.  Still, though, it's hard to discount perceived differences in my comportment with the world that come on with a sense of rightness and urgency I can only see as stemming from practice on the mat. 

Here's the latest, phrased as best I can:

Nothing requires my leave, my permission, my sign-off.  Nothing.  

Protagoras was wrong; man (at least this one) is not the measure of all things.  

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