04 May 2012

This Place

This past Sunday I did a cannonball off the high dive and plopped into the deep end of website design.  The Center's site had been in need of some overhauling, and on Sunday I found in an old email the access info one of the guys involved in the setup sent me, so I went in and started messing around.  Next thing I knew, just about every page had been reworked.

I don't claim any merit here, and I don't know how effective the site will be at doing what sites are supposed to do.  I am definitely no expert in any of this kind of stuff, and I'm open to all suggestions for making it better.

I do know one thing that's happened over the course of the week, though:  in writing copy and uploading pictures I've been reminded of just how proud I am of this Center, how appreciative I am of all the work that people have done to make it what it is today, and how grateful I am to have ever stumbled upon the place to begin with. 

There are sittings most days of the week.  There is dokusan offered most of the days we have sitting.  There is a sesshin or a zazenkai most months of the year.  There is some kind of ceremony or celebration every other month on average.  There is enough money in the bank not to have to nickle-and-dime people for the slightest little thing or have sideline "classes," "seminars," etc.  There are teachers who are well-versed in the Dharma and who have coursed deep in their practice.  There are men and women who come here from every race, most economic strata, all walks of life and every age group – all of them sincere, all of them buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Most of all, though, there is a focus on practice here.  I found myself almost getting tired of typing in "practice" on all those pages, but what else is this all about, really?  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

I find myself once again renewing my resolve to serve this place and these people with even greater dedication.  I prostrate myself before all those who have sustained such a place as this for people to realize what there is to realize. 

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