21 March 2012

Driving Home with Ajaan Geoff

My Dharma brother has a collection of materials from the Theravadan tradition, and he lent me a CD of some of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's talks to listen to on my commute. 

I listened to the first of them yesterday, and at one point I felt like pulling over, stopping the car, and just sitting.  Such straightforward teaching, such an utterly bullshit-free approach to the Dharma!  The illness and the medicine so skillfully presented!  One of the ass-kickers for me in the talks was the reminder of Buddha's injunction to "practice the Dharma in accordance with the Dharma," and not in accordance with whim or personal exception.  I can always stand to hear that.

To my Dharma brother, to Thanissaro Bhikkhu and the line of noble ones stretching back these 2500 years I owe a debt of gratitude.  May their efforts bear abundant fruit. 

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