22 March 2012

The Buddha Didn't Work Out

A few weeks ago I got back to running again.  I took up running in 2000, and when I first started I couldn't go more than 30 seconds without getting utterly winded.  By 2006, I had completed a marathon and lived to tell the tale.

Since then, it's been on again, off again with the running.  For a while I couldn't afford the shoes.  For a while I had herniated discs and surgery to recover from.  For a while I had it in my head that running was an utterly bourgeois 20th-21st century kind of thing that had no place in practice life. 

I can afford the shoes again.  My vertebrae and all connective tissue are in good order.  I'm letting go of my bright ideas about the socio-economic, cultural and practice implications of a regular exercise program. 

I find that regular exercise keeps me much more physically and mentally on top of things.  I find that it helps me work with distracting thoughts and energies, and, because of that, it helps me in my formal practice.  I sit with much greater stability and concentration when I get some regular exercise in. 

Yeah, the Buddha didn't run.

But this one does.

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