23 February 2012

This Evening On Planet Earth

We on this planet orbit a sun which is 1 of some 300 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, a galaxy that is 1 of some 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe.

According to worldometers.info, there were 253,370 of us born on the planet so far today and some 110,375 of us who died, 21,422 of whom died of hunger.

There are 15,259 days left until the oil is gone, and some 151,856 days until the end of coal on the planet.

This evening on planet earth, I will spend some time on a mat.

While we move at 552km/s with our sun in galactic rotation, I will spend some time on a mat.

In the company of some 7,023,962,172 of us, some 913,474,680 of whom are undernourished and some 517,831,353 of whom are obese, I will spend some time on a mat.

As another hectare of the 765,147 hectares of forest already lost this year falls to the axes, I will spend some time on a mat.

And why?

Because within this fathom-high body, seated on a mat, lies the origin and cessation of the world, its becoming and its passing away, its rise and its fall. 

That's why.  And that's enough.

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