12 November 2011

What to Pick?

This year our center rejoined the many faith/practice communities in the area that are part of Interfaith Action of Evanston.  On Thanksgiving Eve they have an interfaith service that members of the groups affiliated with IAE are invited to take part in.  About a month ago I was asked if I would participate in the opening part of the service in which a few of the traditions represented offer a short "blessing" drawn from (one of) their respective "sacred text(s)."

I don't know what to pick, and the clock is ticking...

Problem is, we don't really have a "sacred text." 

I'm toying with several options:
     1. The "whole of the holy life" account from the Uppadha Sutra
     2. Torei Zenji's Bodhisattva Vow
     3. The "may I be anything anyone needs" lines in the Bodhicaryāvatāra.

I'm inclining most to the Śāntideva, if for no other reason than that it brings together so nicely the connection between Awakening Mind and bodhisattvic service.  What could be more fitting for a celebration uniting men and women committed to keeping the homeless better fed and warmer than they might otherwise be?

Still, it's not a "sacred text," and I'm supposed to process in with the book in hand.  My copy is pretty well worn, so I'll probably have to rig up some kind of cover.  At least there'll be a book; how would I handle the Torei Zenji piece?

It's probably not the best time to drive home the point that the sacred text that frees us has no words at all, is it?

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