26 August 2011

Precept VII

We're coming to the end of a two week break in the formal sitting schedule at the center, and having the time off has given me the chance to look at my relationship to the practice life of the sangha with some greater degree of clarity and perspective.

My goodness, I hope I haven't come across as half the arrogant weenie I know I've been! Give the guy a blue robe, the use of the stick and the keys to the place, and he ends up acting like he's somehow Ven. Zen!

So as the fall practice season kicks off, it's time for some shaping up:
- Entering the zendo, I will first of all consider that all those there are my superiors and that I am honored to sit with them.
- Taking my place, I will acknowledge the weakness of my own efforts and resolve to step it up.
- As Head of Zendo, I will be what the sangha needs me to be without demanding of them to be what I think they should be.
- Assisting the teachers, I will trust their judgment, rely on their insight and follow their direction with lowered head and shut mouth.
And at the end of the day I will remember that I'm just a son of the Buddha who has not yet come remotely close to the end of his own dukkha.

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