07 August 2011

D-72762 RT

It's about this time of year that I have the greatest nostalgia for the 3 years the family and I lived in Reutlingen, Germany: afternoons at the Markwasen Freibad, runs through the woods that brought up Reutlingen's border with Pfullingen, picking Zwetschgen right off the neighborhood trees, renting boats on the Neckar in T├╝bingen, hikes up to the Uracher Wasserfall...  One August we went to Nesselwang for a weekend, rode the Sommerrodelbahn all day long, chilled in the ABC (Alpspitz-Bade-Center) in the evening. There's no getting around the fact that life moved at a very different pace then.

Sometimes I think about signing on for another two years there.  With the kids grown, it would just be me.  I imagine open expanses of time to sit, to go for walks and hikes, to sit some more.  I could do some writing, maybe, or take up a new avocation.  Last time I was there I took some courses at the Forestry School in Rottenburg; who knows what I might do this time?  I could go to Berlin or Sweden for sesshin, even. I'm sure I could twist the kids' arms into coming for skiing over Christmas.

And then I come back to my senses.

Just this.  Right here.  Right now.

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