01 July 2011


I knew my left eye was getting pretty bad, but I didn't know just how bad until I got my eyes examined today.  

It's a big 'ol cataract causing the problem.  "You're a bit young for this; you must be out in the sun a lot," the friendly optometrist said, and I am.  "Better start wearing sunglasses."  "We can correct the vision with glasses up to a point, but you'll probably be needing surgery before too long," she continued.  I explained that I had been cut open many times before, but the thought of lying awake watching someone remove the lens from my eye was exactly the kind of thing that gave me the squirms.  "It's outpatient, so it's not that bad," she said, not knowing just how uncomforting she was being despite her best efforts.

I know it might sound like bullshit, but I find it utterly fascinating watching this life unfold, with everything it brings and everything it takes away, with all of its benestrophes and catastrophes, its close calls and its full-on assaults.  Every moment of every day some new something-or-other shows up that speaks to me of the Dharma, of the truth of dukkha, its cause, its end and the path to its end. 

Cataract surgery.  Who'd have thought?  Bring it on!  What's next?

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