11 June 2011

Don't Call it Samu

This morning I woke up and continued clearing the ground for five new Miscanthus clumps to go in.  I'd been at it for the past couple of days, and I was in no particular rush, but since the plants were coming this morning, I figured it best to get the prep done before they arrived.  The Miscanthus are in now, and that side bed is looking better already.

After lunch I'll head back out and tackle some more of the gardening.  It's chilly, but at least it's not raining (again), so conditions are pleasant enough.  Sesshin starts on Wednesday, and I'd like to have at least the dug out areas cleaned up and the bamboo roots cleared out before then.

Weeds don't care that this is a Zen Center.  The bamboo doesn't surrender itself any more easily because I'm ordained.  The new plants won't grow any faster because the Dharma is practiced here.  My arms and shoulder are no less sore than those of someone who had never heard of Buddhism would be. 

So if you think that doing work around a temple is somehow more special than doing it at home, guess again!

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