05 February 2011

Solitude, Interrupted

Last weekend a member moved into the center as a resident.  Now I am no longer alone in the house.

I knew this time would come; there had always been talk of someone living on the 1st floor (I'm on the 2nd).  It doesn't really matter who it is, although I happen to be fond enough of this person.  We each have our own kitchen, bathroom, etc. space, so we won't be tripping over each other, and it really is easy enough to come and go without much contact.

Still, though, this is the first time in a long time I've shared an address with a non-family member, and the solitude I had come to cherish is not what it has been.

It's not over, though.  I just need to find more inventive ways of cultivating alonetime, that's all.

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