16 December 2010

Shh – sottovoce, ti prego

Some things are meant to be shouted in full voice.  "Fire!" is one of them.  There aren't too many others.

I find that the most poignant ways of verbally expressing the Buddhadharma are usually best delivered quietly, almost in passing, as if among intimates.  A small observation about a seeming trifle can often reduce to rubble massive chunks of my own ego-attachment better than a full verbal onslaught can.  A quietly expressed disappointment at one of my shortcomings generally evokes greater shame and renewed resolve out of me than a severe and lengthy tongue-lashing does.  A well-timed expression of wonder prompts me to perk up and notice much more than an extensive inventory of positive points or a detailed analysis.

My guess is that I'm not alone in any of this.

So I say: The reality of Buddhanature is an open secret.  No need to add much of anything at all!   And if I'm inclined to speak of it, let it be quietly and offhandedly, almost as an afterthought.

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