28 December 2010

The Brighter the Light, the More Distinct the Shadow

I won't say that ordaining makes one a better person.  I will say that since ordaining, aspects of my life that need attention have become all the more clear to me.   Character issues that may have been understandable for "just anyone" now seem more and more unacceptable for someone in my state.  It still remains for me to do the work.  Maybe it can be said that ordaining gives one a new, focused kind of opportunity to become a better person. 

This time of year I find myself, like many, looking back at the year ending and looking ahead to the year about to begin.  This time last year I had six months left to ordination; now I have six months under my belt.  So much has changed.  I had no clue then what life would be like today.

So no resolutions.  Just a look.  A taking stock.  And a moving on...

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