23 October 2010

So Many Lives!

6.7ish billion of them.  Each one of us playing out our little script.  Each one of us fretting for ourselves and those we hold dear.  Each one of us with our joys and sorrows and dreams and fears and regrets.

There are times I find it almost unbearable, this sheer complexity and wonder of our humanity.  No easy answers at all.  No handy theory to wrap us all up in.  While I am here there is so much else going on, every imaginable activity, every walk of life, every pathology and every mark of health.  All at once.  Neverending.  Everything and everyone involved with everything and everyone else.

And not just the people, but the spiders, stray cats, possums, flies, krill and whales, too.

And not just the critters but the asters, magnolias, bamboo and ginkgo, too.

Oh my goodness, yes, we are large: we contain multitudes.

May we all be at ease, at least as best we can!

May we all be at ease.

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