27 October 2010

Nothing to Offer

I was asked to be involved with a student sitting group at the university where I teach.  The few regulars are dedicated and sincere.  One who recently graduated is coming to the center occasionally now, and he will be participating in this weekend's sesshin.

We sit for 40 minutes (20 minutes, posture change, 20 minutes) once a week at 10:00pm.  Afterwards one or the other of them might ask a question about things that come up as they sit.  Then they're off to the rest of their evening, and I'm off to sleep. 

I sometimes wish I had more to give them besides providing some bare-bones instruction and serving as the timer, but it really is enough for now.  The forces that brought them to sit at this point in their lives are being touched with their practice.  I get the sense that they are grateful for having this chance to sit, and they're completely un-zenny, and that by itself is a wonder to behold!

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