06 October 2010

Update from the No Comprendo Zone

I see that an Oak Park Zen teacher is offering any number of classes on how to "live a more effective life."  I heard today that a couple of Dharma brothers are involved with a local institute that helps one "live a bigger life," "a life of more."

I''m a dolt.  I just don't understand.

Why is it Bashō's pissing horse or Ryōkan's naked moon or Rengetsu's cherry blossom kindness draw me like a 10 Tesla magnet, while promises of a "shit-gotten-together life" leave me utterly at sea?  Why is it I'm considering cutting my income in half in 10 years while others are looking to triple theirs in 5?  Why is less vastly more attractive to me than more?

I don't know.  I just don't understand.

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