16 October 2010

Every Day is a Good Day

This weekend I'm visiting one of my daughters at college.  This is my first time visiting a child, now an adult, on her turf.  Here I am the outsider, here I am the guest (though I still got the bill at the restaurant, and I paid for the stuff on the trip to the Wal-Mart!).  I find I'm flashing back to when my parents would visit me at school, and how nice it was to see them but how nice it was when they left.  Now I'm on the other side, becoming a dad in this new kind of way.

I love this life.  I love this life.  I love its springs and its falls.  I love its babies and its grandparents.  I love its closeness and its distance.  I love every day, every single day, with everything I expect and with everything that surprises.  I love being sick, and I love being well.  I love not knowing what lies ahead tomorrow.  I love not remembering what happened yesterday.  I love not knowing what I will find myself being in five minutes, or five months, or five years, five decades, or -- yes -- five kalpas.

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